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thanks for taking an interest in one of our intensive driving courses!


If you aren't 100% sure about what course you may need, you can book in first for an assesment driving day with no test in the last hour. 5 hours of professional assessment and training is £165. Once you have filled out the booking for below we will send the details to your nearest instructor, who will then call you and arrange an assesment day in the next few days.


Once the assesment has taken place you can book straight in for a driving course to begin a few days later on the 'prices & book' page, for the amount of hours you need to complete your training, if you are at 'test' standard at the end of the assessment and training day, you can just book the test through us from the homepage - we can normally get a test within 7-14 days from that point.

Remaining £85 paid to your instructor

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