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Please select your postcode from the list below, for our weekly lesson options. Prices and booking form can be selected from here.

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Talk to us!

Talk to us!

The 'weekly lesson' division of ltd


Quality driving tuition, nationwide

If an intensive course seems too much to commit too we can offer weekly lessons, for example if you may struggle to get time off work or with childcare.


Benefits of weekly lessons:

- Slower pace may benefit certain learners

- More time to revise for theory test

- More time to add lessons on if required

- No need to take time off work


Note: You can still book a quick practical test through us when you are test ready, just bookmark us!


Cannot find your area on the postcode list? CLICK HERE

Email us too: [email protected]

Office hours:

Weekdays - 8am - 7.50pm

Weekend - 9am - 5pm